Waymond Lee Williams, Sr.

December 12, 1958 – May 13, 2017

Former member and gifted and artistic auto painter, Waymond Williams passed away unexpectedly May 13. His wife, Angela ‘Angie’ of 33 years preceded Waymond in death on July 8, 2016. Waymond is survived by 5 children: Wanda, Alicia, Waymond, Jr., Eric, and Summer, five grandchildren and 1 on the way, and a host of other relatives and many friends, most of whom he worked for or with in his many years of repairing, painting and buffing cars. He loved cars and enjoyed going to car shows. Waymond also enjoyed the outdoors, where he liked to go camping, fishing, and going to the creek most of all. He loved his family, especially the grandkids. He spent any free time he had playing with them.

A few members of the club have spent many years and thousands of hours with Waymond as he worked on their cars nights and weekends. Many members had something to say about Waymond’s pursuit of the perfect paint job. He always said, “If you find me an absolutely perfect paint job, you call me, cause I wanna see it!” While painting conditions weren’t always the greatest, an occasional flaw was inevitable. Waymond’s response: “But I can fix that!” To which the exasperated reply was, “yes, but Waymond, it’s gonna cost me another $500 or more”, and Waymond would cackle loudly. Ron Giles remembers one time, Waymond had just finished a job late at night, and they spotted a moth flitting around the shop. They both took up the hunt with flyswatters, caps, whatever they could find, searching, chasing, swatting, until they got it. And then they sat for a long time, laughing and joking about their great safari hunt. Ron hired Waymond for the first time about 1995, to paint his ’32 Plymouth (the first of 2 times). Waymond was just a skinny young kid, and it was the beginning of a long and sometimes frustrating relationship. They spent many hours together, Waymond did 98% of the work while Ron supervised and offered sage life advice, Waymond would always agree but rarely follow.

Although there were many times one might have wanted to pinch his head off when he got tied up unexpectedly at another job, when you finally got him there, his work was unmatched. Jerry Ingram remembers a story about Waymond’s honesty. Waymond kept track of his hours for Jerry as he worked many late nights alone. One morning Jerry checked the sheet, and he noticed an unusual entry: -$10, for sausages from the fridge, sorry Jerry, I was hungry.

Throughout the many jobs he did for both Jerry, Ron and other members, Waymond’s running joke was, “If you have enough tape, I can do anything”. But after Waymond used up all their PRECIOUS TAPE and needed more, they jokingly replied “it’s obvious, Waymond, you never bought a roll of tape”, and Waymond would just laughed.

Waymond will be sorely missed by many. The hardest working man you ever saw, he was always happy, with that mischievous sparkle in his eyes and ready to tell a corny joke that you laughed at anyway.

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