OCCC Website Reaches 10,000 Views

“show me the best car upholsters in usa and pictures of there work on street rods 1940 fords, outlaw cruisers, car club officer positions, locust grove car show 2014″…these are just a few of the terms people enter while searching the web and miraculously make it to our website. Except for people specifically looking for us, the terms that lead the most people by far to our website are: Car Club Bylaws, Car Club Officer Positions, or How to Start a Car Club.

As of July, 2014 our website surpassed 10,000 views since Feb. 2013. Here is a Summary Chart of total views by month.

2014 07 16 TotalViewsChart

The ‘Best Ever’ day was Founders Day, May 10, 2013, 235 views.

Here are Tables of Total Views by Months and Average Views per Day.

2014 07 16 Total Views Table

Here is a World Map showing views by country.

2014 07 16 World Views

Other countries on the list with 1 or 2 views are: Greece, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Qatar, Israel, Djibouti, Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa, Argentina, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, Spain, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominican Republic, and Denmark.  How’s that for a geography lesson?

And then it gets interesting, if you care, like Wayne did, when you look at total views by page.  Here is a the All Time Summary of Views per page.  Wayne swears he DID NOT look at his truck picture that many times, or his Road Runner in the Photo Gallery.

2014 07 16 Views Per Page2014 07 16 Views Per Page 22014 07 16 Views Per Page 32014 07 16 Views Per Page 4

The list continues, but the number of views drops quickly on revised and deleted items.   Please feel free to leave comments if you found this interesting…or amusing.