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August 2022 Events

Owasso FFA Alumni Car Show

Paul Wood attended the Owasso FFA Alumni Car Show on Aug. 13. He won First Place in his class.

Jay Cruise

The Jay Cruise, which always has a great turnout, had 209 entries, which is down from pre-Covid days, but still respectable. Outlaw Cruisers had eight entries: David DeCamp, Christi DeCamp and TOP 75 winners Wayne Cole, Chris Elliott, Jim Cole, Glen & Ann Miller, 2 entries (and intend to rejoin the club), plus Doyle Cole, who won Goins Motorsport Choice. Wayne was happy they got there early enough to get their ‘special place’ in the shade by the bank. It was very hot, and he wished he’d brought a fan. But they all had a good time despite the heat. They wrapped things up with awards at 9 pm. OCCC won 3rd Place and $50 in Club Participation. Just visiting were Drew & Sherry Stott.

Cruise Line-Up photos by Chris Elliott. Clockwise from top left: Chris Elliott’s 1969 Super Bee, Christi DeCamp’s 1989 Chevy Pickup & David DeCamp’s 2008 Corvette, Wayne Cole’s 1970 Ford, Jim Coles 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo & Doyle Cole’s 1970 Ford Mustang Mach1.

August Meeting

Fifteen people attended. Most of the meeting was spent telling stories about the Jay Cruise, like how hot it was, what a good time most people had, how long it was, what everybody ate (for lunch and dinner) lying about what they ate (or didn’t), and who tried to start a drag race home (or didn’t).

The Pryor Veterans show was rained out on July 30 and rescheduled for August 27. Members decided to change the weekly Pryor Denny’s cruise-in to monthly, so members will meet on the 1st Thursday every month at Denny’s. Brayton Lawrence (Robert Thompson’s great grandson, who will be 16 soon) won the door prize.

Hulbert Looking for a Cure Show

Photo submitted by Doyle Cole

The Hulbert benefit show for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital had 50 entries. Six Outlaw Cruisers attending were Wayne Cole, Doyle Cole, Skip McDowell, Robert Thompson & his driver Brayton Lawrence, and 2nd Place winners Burl Raymer and Jim Cole. The club donated $100 and tied with the 5C’s for Top Club Participation. Both OCCC and 5C’s donated the prize money back to the cause.

Westville Car Show & Cruise Night

The August 27 Westville show in downtown Westville had 115 entries. Curtis Lamb and Paul Wood attended, and both won TOP 15 awards.

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