Recent Events

September Events

Cherokee National Holiday

Mitchell & Melody DuVall had another great turnout at the new location of the Tahlequah Cherokee Casino. They had about 150 entries. Outlaw Cruisers took the Top Participation Award and $500 with 30 members attending in 21 car entries on an unbearably hot September day. People could go inside the casino to cool off, eat lunch, and spend more money. First Place winners were Ron Giles & Susan Lacy, Doyle Cole, David DeCamp, and Harl & Cindy Harvey. Second Place winners were Speedy Maner, Morris Fogg, and Chris Elliott (2x in his Super Bee and Challenger). Chris was also a judge, but he did not judge his own car. Other members attending were Wayne Cole, Robert Thompson, Jim Cole, Bill & Cindy Foreman, Ray Farquharson, Terry Woolman & Peggy Stroup, Skip McDowell, Curtis & Marsha Lamb, Paul & Julie Wood, and Bill & June York.

Ray Farquharson’s 1934 Oldsmobile Sedan at Tahlequah’s Cherokee Casino.


Chris Elliott’s 1969 Super Bee and 2009 Challenger SRT.


Wayne Cole’s 1969 Road Runner at Tahlequah’s Cherokee Casino.


Morris Fogg’s 1967 Pontiac GTO at Tahlequah’s Cherokee Casino.


Skip McDowell’s 2004 Pontiac GTO at Cherokee Casino, Tahlequah.


Terry Woolman at Cherokee Casino in Tahlequah: “I can’t believe I didn’t win”.

Wagoner Blue Grass & Chili Festival

Harl & Cindy Harvey won 1st Place and Best Modified Truck at the Blue Grass & Chili Festival. There were about 80 entries. Paul & Julie Wood just visited and enjoyed the good food and music.

Eureka Springs Antique AutoFest

Attendance was down at the 49th Annual Antique AutoFest in Eureka Springs, with 137 entries on an unusually hot September weekend. Outlaws Jim & Carol Cruse, Steve & Robin York, and Bill & June York attended. Bill & June won 1st Place and were invited to participate in the Bank Robbery re-enactment in Downtown at High Noon. Four masked men rode in on the running boards of their two-tone green 1933 Chrysler. Unfortunately, they were all killed, but Bill & June escaped unharmed. Hopefully their running boards were also unharmed.

Muskogee Bedouin Shriners

The show held at Honor Heights Park had 85 entries. Outlaws included Clair Diller, Robert Thompson, Terry Starling and Curtis & Marsha Lamb, all winning a TOP 3 award in their respective classes. Curtis also won Best Interior and $100 in his 1947 Chevy Sedan.

Curtis Lamb in his 1947 Chevy Sedan, won Top 3 and Best Interior.


Lexi Lamb, holding Curtis’ Top Three Plaque.

September Meeting

Seventeen attended. Geneva provided an orange cake and a gooey chocolate, caramel filled cake. Yum! Thanks Geneva! Wayne called the meeting to order with the first item of business of electing officers. A motion to retain all officers was approved. Discussions included the upcoming picnic, recent and future cruises and car shows. An October 20 cruise to Catfish Kitchen in Tahlequah was planned. Doyle Cole won the Door Prize.

Tyro Christian Church

This show always has a great turnout. They had 280 entries this year. Winning Outlaw Cruisers were Doyle Cole, Ray Farquharson, and Wayne Cole. Also attending were Jim Cole, Pat Engles, and Paul Wood.

Ft. Gibson

Postponed from June due to flooding, the Ft. Gibson hosts made up for it by giving away $4000 in cash and prizes. They had 116 entries. Curtis & Marsha Lamb won 1st Place, Harl & Cindy Harvey won 2nd Place. David & BJ Coffman won the 50/50 pot.

Ol’ Marais River Run

Three days of rain. Not continuous, just enough to warrant constant eyes on the radar. Intermittent showers Friday and Saturday left everyone trying to see what they could when it stopped then rushing back to the car or shelter for the next shower. About 4pm Saturday, it cleared up and the streets dried just in time for the 6 pm Saturday cruise/parade on an endless loop through downtown and the park. Heavy rains late Saturday night and Sunday morning meant nearly everyone went home early. There were 1,357 registered, most all of them at the park Saturday and only about 250 at the park Sunday morning. They give away thousands of dollars’ worth of cash and prizes. The cars are not judged. Members attending were Steve & Robin York, who won $50, Bill & June York won a Yeti cooler, and Ron Giles & Susan Lacy, who didn’t win the $5K Grand Prize, nor the LS3 motor, nor the 350 motor, nor any of the other myriad of great prizes or cash. But it was still a good time and a great show. The small town of Ottawa goes all out to accommodate the classic cars.

Mobile rag top on a Continental at Ottawa’s Ol’ Marais River Run, Sept. 2019.

Members Gary & Nikki Tucker now live in Paola, KS, about 30 minutes from Ottawa. So, Ron & Susan met them for dinner Friday after they attended a school activity for their grandson. Gary showed up with his red superhero shirt and matching red ‘fauxhawk’. His grandson wasn’t embarrassed at all, he was quite proud and thought SuperGary was awesome.

‘SuperGary’ Gary Tucker, in his superhero t-shirt with matching ‘fauxhawk’.

19th Annual OCCC Picnic

Outlaw Cruisers cars lined up at the 2019 Picnic, held at Doyle & Debbie Cole’s house.

Many thanks to Doyle & Debbie Cole for hosting the annual picnic at their home. Twenty-three members and nine visitors enjoyed the good food and hospitality. Thanks to Terry and Peggy for cooking the delicious chicken, pork chops and beans. Apparently, Wayne Cole and Drew Stott won the annual horseshoe tournament. There was some discussion about cheating, etc. No trophy or cash prize was awarded, just bragging rights.

Route 66 Cruisers, Claremore Lake

About 180 cars were entered in the show, with a few dozen more there that weren’t. It was a beautiful, breezy, partly cloudy day by the lake. Top 75 winning club members were Jody Carney, Paul Wood, Burl Raymer, and Ron Giles & Susan Lacy. Susan also won Best of Show. And all there is to say about that is “your choice of parking spot is everything”. Starting a new row between two rows (and no one else follows), leaving at least 20-30 feet of empty space around yours helps. Visitors included Drew & Sherry Stott.

Susan Lacy’s 1966 Malibu, with plenty of space around, won Best of Show at Route 66 Cruisers show at Claremore Lake, Sept. 2019.

Chelsea Jamboree Classic

The downtown Chelsea car show had 61 entries. TOP 40 winners were Doyle Cole, Robert Thompson with two great grandsons, Wayne Cole, Speedy Maner with his granddaughter Madison, Ray Farquharson, and David DeCamp. Door prizes included a grill, tools, etc. and lots of $50 cash prizes or gift cards. Members enjoyed a nice drive, great weather and a good show. Speedy’s granddaughter Madison recently celebrated her 16th birthday and was already trying to get Wayne to let her drive his truck. She made him pinkie swear that she could next time they went to Denny’s. Visitors included Drew & Sherry Stott and Jim & Dolly Perryman.



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