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May Events


The Westville Loyalty Day Car Show held May 4 and hosted by the Native Warriors had 26 entries on a cold gray day. Cruisers huddled up in their coats and blankets to keep warm. Members attending and winning TOP 25 were Doyle Cole, Jim Cole, Robert Thompson & Brayton and Wayne Cole.

2019 Founders Day

The Cruisers fair weather luck finally ran out for the 19th Annual Show. We had plenty of workers helping, and only 56 entries plus 14 Host cars. Thanks to all who helped. An attempt to list everybody and what they did would most likely result in omissions and feelings hurt, so just know that all the help was greatly appreciated by Wayne. Special thanks to Jim Cruse for making the cool, multi-color Rat Rod Trophies. And super special thanks to Terry & Peggy for cooking the as-usual, delicious lunch. They also sold many platefuls to hungry show participants, running out of almost everything. The leftover goody bags will be donated to a couple of local charity/school car shows later this year. A few participants were extremely happy they came despite the cold rainy weather. Nancy Lowrey of the 5C’s club, with two entries, won a $20 and a $50 cash door prizes. Then Nancy won the $100 Best of Show Original in her beautiful 1929 Ford Pickup, and the 5C’s won Top Club Participation $100 cash prize. The big door prize winners also seemed very happy. The unknown woman who won the canopy seemed extremely excited.

Nancy Lowrey won cash door prizes, $20 and $50, with two entries.


Nancy Lowrey won Best of Show – Original with her 1929 Ford Pickup.


Happy and surprised winner of the canopy.

Rat Rod winners Jeff Stafford & Bryce Stafford, with their custom trophies hand-made by member Jim Cruse.

President Wayne Cole, celebrating after the show with a few cheesy bread sticks at Mazzio’s.

Muskogee, Cruis’n Angels

Another cold rainy May day effected attendance at the Cruis’n Angels annual show held in conjunction with the Azalea Festival and Chili Cook off. They had 52 entries. Outlaws attending and winning TOP 50 were Doyle Cole, Jim Cole, Wayne Cole, and Walt Prater, who also won a Fine Five award with his 1923 Ford T-Bucket.

Cruise to Peggs Pasta House

Cruisers cruised all the way to Peggs Pasta House, on an unusually sunny, beautiful Sunday afternoon. A lot of people must have forgotten about it since it was so late in the month. Eighteen members enjoyed the short drive and their Italian pasta dinners, plus a few had desserts. Wayne & Jeanette Cole, Jim & Rhonda Cole, Doyle & Debbie Cole, Curtis & Marsha Lamb, Jim Hartman & Carolyn Wise, Bill & June York, Jim & Carol Cruse, Terry Woolman & Peggy Stroup, and Ron Giles & Susan Lacy, attended, and were joined later by Chris Elliott, who cruised with four other cars on the trip south almost to Tahlequah, then over to Hwy 10 and north along the Illinois River to little Kansas, and back to Locust. Surprisingly, the Illinois River is not flooding like all the others in the area. The very next day the area around Pasta House in Peggs was damaged by tornado.

NSRA, Springfield, MO

The weather threatened again, and attendance at the 3-day show was slightly down, 1667 registered. But it turned out to be beautiful, breezy and partly cloudy (although warm and humid) most of the weekend. Until Sunday morning. A quick drive through the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds proved most everybody left early as the skies darkened and the wind picked up, the oncoming storm brewing up a downpour for the drive home. Members attending were Fred Gifford and his guest Don Sullivan, Speedy Maner, Ray Farquharson, Larry Love, and Ron Giles & Susan Lacy. Apologies to anyone omitted. Just visiting were Jerry Ingram and Kenny Hins. Larry Love and his brother Jim and other friends had a great time both Friday and Saturday at the Auto Cross, testing their car’s limits. A few others rode laps with professional drivers showing off their drifting skills etc.

Larry Love driving the Auto Cross in his 1967 Chevy II SS.

Outlaw Cruisers Ray Farquharson and Speedy Maner set up base camp in the middle of the fairgrounds, with their new club banner.


Ray Farquharson pointing out the fine art of hanging a banner…or just drying a wet shoe.


Ray’s 1934 Oldsmobile he’s been working on since 2015.


Just a large truck and see-through trailer hauling a Packard.



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