Recent Events

July Events

Cedar Park, Siloam Springs

Approximately 15 cars showed up, then a few promptly left after judging. Cruisers attending were Wayne Cole, Doyle Cole, and Robert Thompson.
Robert won 1st Place and Doyle won 2nd Place.
Free hot dogs etc. were provided in the 50th Anniversary celebration of Siloam Springs.

Photo submitted by Doyle Cole.

July Meeting

Twenty members attended. Geneva provided Strawberry and Chocolate cakes. Thanks Geneva! Members discussed the Cedar Park show in Siloam Springs and the following future shows in August: 10th – Jay Cruise (leave Locust at 1 pm), 16th-18th – Springfield, MO swap meet, 17th – Chewey, 24th – Lowrey, Hulbert. Sept shows discussed: 1st – Tahlequah, at the new casino location, and Sep 21 – the club picnic, held at Debbie & Doyle Cole’s home. Other September shows include Shriners-Honor Heights Park, Ft. Gibson (rescheduled from June), Tyro, Claremore Lake, Chelsea, Eureka Springs, and Ottawa KS. An August 18 cruise to Callahan’s in Siloam Springs was scheduled. Terry Hardcastle won the door prize.


Twenty-Eight participants entered the show. Wayne Cole and Doyle Cole represented the Outlaw Cruisers. Doyle won the 50/50 pot. He purchased $10 worth of tickets and won $7.50. Then he accidently threw away the dollar bills with his tickets after the show. As the Cole brothers normally split anything they win, Doyle gave Wayne half of what he had left, $0.25.

Cruise to IDC, Catoosa

A bunch of members must have forgotten about the cruise. Thirteen showed up. Ron Giles & Susan Lacy, Ron & Diana Barfield, Larry Love, Fred Gifford, Wayne & Jeanette Cole and granddaughter Harper Potts, Doyle & Debbie Cole, and Jim & Rhonda Cole attended.

Wagoner Elks Lodge

The annual show at the Elks Lodge on Ft. Gibson Lake had 104 entries. Top 2 (in five classes) trophy winning Cruisers included Bill & June York, Steve York and Skip McDowell. Others attending were Jim Cruse, Doyle Cole and Wayne Cole.

Club Members Cars

Bobby & Ramona Morrison – Ford with Carson Top


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