Recent Events – May

Bradford Christian 5th Annual

The Bradford Christian School 2023 show participation was down with about 25 cars entered. TOP 75 Outlaw Cruisers winners were Doyle Cole, Jim Cole, Robert Thompson, Ray Farquharson, Skip McDowell, Mike Walters, Charles Arrowsmith, Drew & Sherry Stott, Jerry Ingram, and Wayne Cole. Just visiting were Jim & Dolly Perryman, Kenny Hins, Tommy Parker, and Burl & Rose Raymer. Photos below submitted by Doyle Cole.

5C’s Red Fern Festival

Curtis Lamb and Paul Wood attended the 5C’s show in Tahlequah, which had 101 entries. Curtis won his class with his 1947 Chevy. Paul entered his 1955 Chevy.

Westville Loyalty Day

Outlaw Cruisers attending and winning a TOP 25 award were Jim Cole, Doyle Cole, Wayne Cole, Robert Thompson and Brayton, Skip McDowell, and Steve & Debbie Dodson. There were 23 entries. It was a warm, windy day, but not too hot. The wind may have destroyed one of the club’s canopies.

Big Cabin

Midway Power Equipment and Woodshed Antique Mall held a Grand Opening event with a car show, awesome food, cash and prizes, including a new Hustler Zero Turn Lawnmower! Brayton Lawrence (Robert & Lila’s grandson) entered Robert’s 1968 Camaro and won $1,000.

Founders Day 21st Annual Show

Founders Day morning started out rainy. But by 8 or 9am, the clouds cleared out and it turned out to be a beautiful spring day. We had 75 entries (which was just slightly above our ‘break even’ point) and 11 Host cars. But club members turned out to help in record numbers. From parking cars to handing out awards promptly by 3 pm, everything ran smoothly. Peggy & Terry Woolman provided delicious lunch to members and sold food to participants, which was a big hit, while it lasted. They wanted to include a big thank you to ‘guest chef’ Kenneth Kvittum and his wife Corrine for providing the shrimp/sausage/corn/potato boil and to Isiah Woolman for his help. They couldn’t have done it without them. Here are just a few photos, taken by either Susan or Christy. See more photos on the website.

President, Wayne Cole
Cindy, Chris & Denny, Founders Day Registration
Founders Day Door Prizes, 50/50 Pot, T-Shirt/Hats sales: Curtis, Doyle, Jay, Diana, Jim
Founders Day Judges: Robert, Doug, Kenny & Jerry
Founders Day Scorekeepers, Susan & Tracy
Founders Day Handing our Awards: Chris, Curtis, David
Founders Day, Mark H. handing out awards.

Muskogee Cruis’N Angels

The 2023 Cruis’N Angels show, held at the Hatbox Event Center inside the old airplane hangers had 130 entries. Eight members cars left Locust at 9am. Unfortunately, Terry Starling was there and ready, but had starter problems, and didn’t go. We picked up a few more on the way or at the show. Cruisers had 11 entries and won TOP Club Participation and $100. Top 3 trophy winners in their class were Jim Cole, Jerry Ingram, his guest Doug (who also won $100 and  TOP 5 of the show with his all original Chevelle), Susan Lacy & Ron Giles, Doyle Cole, Dave DeCamp, Christy DeCamp, Skip McDowell, and Curtis Lamb. Wayne Cole and Paul Wood also attended. Several members won Door Prizes. It was a very well run and organized show. It was nice inside the hangars without the sun beating down on us, just a slight breeze and temps in the 70’s. Photos by Susan Lacy and Christy DeCamp.

Jerry’s Camaro
Curtis’ 1947 Chevy Doyle’s 1990 Corvette Wayne’s 1969 Road Runner
Skip’s Pickup, David’s 2008 Corvette
Christy’s 1989 Chevy ShortWide Pickup
Ron, 1966 Chevelle
Outlaw Cruisers waiting on awards presentation.
Curtis, Doug, Jerry

NSRA Mid-America, Springfield, MO

There were a few inconveniences this year, with construction going on at the Ozark Fairgrounds, which included removal of some of the best shade trees and some favorite parking spots, along with dust flying everywhere, they still couldn’t dampen the attitudes of most attendees. There were just under 1,500 entrants, but it looked as crowded as ever because of the reduced area. And the weather was absolutely perfect, in the mid 70’s, low humidity, and not a cloud in the sky all weekend. It’s probably the first time in years that not one drop of rain fell over the 3-day show. There were fewer vendors this year and fewer Outlaw Cruisers than ever before. Cruisers members attending were Ray Farquharson, Ron Giles & Susan Lacy, Jerry Ingram, Kenny Hins, and their guest Doug. Ray arrived Thursday night, participating in the Thursday evening Cruise. About 35 cars traveled 65 miles, visited two shops, enjoyed some snacks, and got to meet some new people, or as Ray calls them ‘new friends’. He also is a big proponent of getting his NSRA 23 Pt. Inspection every year. This year he received a Certificate for being one of the “FIRST TEN” to pass all 23 points. Ray said he probably had more fun this year than he ever has. He now has just over 99,000 miles on his 1947 Ford Pickup, affectionately called “Old Rusty”, and people walk up to him and ask if he’s Old Rusty.

Ray’s “FIRST TEN” Early Bird Award for the 23 pt NSRA Inspection. He passed all 23 items.

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